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Fandom Feeds
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Using this community
fandom_feeds is a place where basic and plus users (and unsure paid users) can request that feeds be created from other sites. Once a feed is set up, anyone can read its entries through their friends list.

Remember that this relies on the generosity of paid users so play nicely.

Comments and discussion can be left at this entry and guides to creating the feeds if it's a new process for you are will be at this entry. This is an example request post.

Please note:
  • One request per post
  • Check that the request hasn't already been made using page summary and the search journal box
  • Put any (ex)live journal user name and the new user name in the subject line
  • Put brief additional information or any request to find people in the body of the post
  • Tag as "request"
  • Leave a comment with the feed link and tag the post as "done" if you find or create a feed

    Spread the word or tell me it's already being done; I'd rather kill this community in its infancy than tread on someone else's toes. This is to link fandom, not fragment it further. Copying to other journalling sites is encouraged.

  • training video for this company that open it's doors since 1926 84 yrs. later now housing a lot of successful motorist and health club members find out how it will involve you ?
    16th-Sep-2007 02:28 pm - Doire
    Feed wanted from Doire at Journalfen
    16th-Sep-2007 02:23 pm - Sticky - Finding RSS feed information
    Details of how to find the URL for an RSS feed in different browsers  (not there yet will type up later)

    any others needed?
    16th-Sep-2007 02:22 pm - Sticky - Discussion
    Post for discussion in comments
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